Who Order Chinese Food?

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Yes…i’m alive..had a few emails from friends checking on me…worried I may be in some dark damp chinese jail cell…nope…still here… About an hour ago I received a call from my doormen buddies downstairs…can’t speak english so when they call I just say “yea yea” and the person can come up to see me. This time it was a Chinese …

“We don’t have songs like this in China…..”

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hahahaha. Playing some of my MP3s today in the office….love it when there’s TuPac playing and no one else in the room has heard it before….and its going on swearing and cursing everyone on his hate list and their mothers….F this, Mo-fo that…. Melissa’s quote – “they allow people to say this in US?” Mike “yeaaaaaaaa, tons of songs like …

Get down and dirty – roll the sleeves up

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Ok, Piotr and everyone else out there…I broke down and bought a desk and office chair…guess you’re right…my back is feeling much better…and I’m getting tons more work done! The after photo….have my financial programs installed, software setup, wifi, etc etc…no more excuses…have over 2 weeks of work waiting to get done! Transition almost complete…..I think?????????? Life is just one …

my chinese business card

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today’s project : translate my business card….hard to believe how much thought and effort is involved….but then again…we had to assign my Chinese name (translating Shadstone ain’t so easy!) as well as assign my chinese family name… so I picked my Chinese name as “Mike Lee” – after the great Bruce Lee himself……kung fu style! so its not just the …

Culture Shock & Logistical Issues Full Effect Today

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pic of my new desk in china….note the ATM receipt, chinese biz cards, chinese phone, chinese coins, and some Chinese snacks (spicy, not too sure what it is…Think today has been the day I’m finally realizing that I’m living here…and that I am surrounded by people that I cannot communicate with! Sunday afternoon right now, went to the grocery store …

another day in China…lets call this day 1

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Past week so much has happened…but really annoying me that I cannot get settled in….finally I would say today is DAY 1….. well everyday is a new day as they say right….but man….between banking, apartment hunting, furniture, office setup, meeting people….etc etc…..I don’t get any real work done. Yea Yea, you know its a transition, i’m in a foreign country, …

Getting my head back above water

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wow, the past week has been one of the most extreme tests – emotionally, financially, and somewhat physically…..day 1 wasn’t so bad…it got bad once i had laptop issues, moving from hotel to hotel…finding less and less people that spoke english….and learning more and more this was going to be much harder than anticipated…..but… did find a place….and the first …

Happy New Years – Welcome to Shenzhen, China

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Its already New Years Day in China, but for those of you in USA, it is 9:39pm EST. I’m just waking up, trying to quickly get out of jet lag mode…slept a good 10 hours at the hotel, here’s the short term to-do list. get toothpaste, shaving cream, vitamins, and SIM card minutes.