On My Way – Just Kissed Mom & Dad Goodbye

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Currently at West Palm Beach International Airport – gonna spend a few days in Newark and then Sunday afternoon flying off to Hong Kong – straight into China that night, new years eve! Hey, always think forward, think ahead – and not only think but DO. Gotta keep pushing myself to adapt to new environments, new situations…..like they say, whatever …

Merry Christmas from Florida

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Hit the beach with mom, dad, and the dog Ivan today. Sister’s serving for the US Air Force in North Dakota….Took a nice long walk and just getting back about 5:30pm today. I may say I hate to rub it in…but I really don’t – 2nd straight year celebrating Christmas in Florida…..Its hilarious watching the nightly news and seeing snowstorms …

If you have lost faith in yourself, you have the universe against you.

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I like that quote…try to remember it when I am completely discouraged and overwhelmed….not sure who said it or if I am phrasing it correctly but.. “If you have lost faith in yourself, you have the universe against you.” And I have to live by this more then ever these days…I have to stand firm that I am making the …

motivational brainstorming

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Back in Florida….flew in late last night – delay on the plane w/ air traffic and weather – but at least I got a free upgrade to first class…how do you say….bloody mary….at least a few of em. few weeks till China…..getting pumped….and yea…nervous… motivational high so the above notes are just raw output from my head, let me write …

Getting Used to The Non-Schedule Lifestyle

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Still, after 8 months, I am still adjusting to the free lifestyle….where I’m always working but not really going to an office. Rundown of what the past few days have entailed: major backorder on a bar supply product that has about 30 customers waiting…our manufacturer is out of them until about another week….which was already 2 weeks behind…so had to …

made it to Hoboken!

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good old hoboken, new jersey. been back since late monday night. visiting old school faculty, friends, and getting back to the hyper lifestyle…. Just had pizza w/ my friends Lily, Chris, and Tyler (CAPITAL T!!) Alumni event at Stevens Tech in a couple hours, did banking, client relations, and now at the computer lab.

But You’re Planting the Seeds, Not Eating Them.

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Finally made our way out of Halifax this morning…after some speedbumps (no trucks avail at Uhaul…snowstorms…the usual) and Salem & I had some interesting conversations about all types of things….and of course I brought up the re-adjusting of my lifestyle from the corporate world to the entrepreneur startup world…and how I feel like I’m paying cash out all over the …

oh you’re american…..the canadian dollar is worth more….

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oh man….every Canadian I talk to it seems…I’ll explain I’m from the US..and one of the first things…oh yea, you know the Canadian dollar is worth more then a US dollar??? nah…I didn’t notice at the FX exchange….. sad thing…i’d bet the Canadian dollar will continue to appreciate vs. the US dollar. Supposed to be on our way to Montreal …