laptop screen cracked

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been difficult to access internet now that my laptop monitor is formally smashed to the point I wish it had that white fuzzy flickering it once had…ah well….need to fous on experiencing the culture than surfing the net anyway… been using starbux as a base for my research and development….have a bunch of coffee, notepads, cell phones….and a book on …

flair bartending in Shanghai

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bar hopped a bit last night w/ some suppliers and their friends..played some dice game that’s popular here and saw some awesome flair bartending and other stage acts behind the bar….


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whoever told me you don’t need to speak Chinese in Shanghai was full of it….at least where i’m staying, the taxis – no one speaks english! I have to use my friend’s text messages in Chinese characters to tell the cabbie where to drop me off….and the volume of bikes, scooters, people walking, running, cars driving in the left lane …

my chinese name

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extremely exhausted from my last 24 hours of Shenzhen Trade show, factory visit, dinner and drinks w/ supplier, early morning flight from Shenzhen to Shanghai…and all the detailed madness in between….. detailed madness….I like that though I sound british… Mike in Chinese

Survived some food poisoning – minor speed bump

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so it was bound to happen…hit some food poisoning sunday evening….still hit trade shows, visited factories, and snapped some pics w/ trade show models… getting good at this game….but more questioning of the food…. Met some Manufacturers I’ve done biz w/ before and gotta get the trade show models….

too much to even write….brain overload….

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man….I just sat down at my desk here in the guestroom of my friend’s apt in Hong Kong…and wow….I have collected so much freakin’ stuff tons of brochures, catalogs, business cards – all of which could be fruitful business relationships that would take a lifetime to build to full potential money in all sorts of currencies lucky charms from indian …

awesome quite for the current timing

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=========== The trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more. ~ Erica Jong =========== that is a sweet quote – especially for how I’ve been feeling lately…emotional roller coaster…..but the more difficult decisions in life, the better you will become, stronger, and more experienced for the next time. Don’t ever give up your hope and your dream. …

switching domains

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changing my domain from to just too hard to remember happiness in pursuit!! and this blog is basically about me and my travels…. ok back to the china factory! {whip cracking}

more photos

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too lazy to write more….but basically more business card trading, brochures, dinner business meetings…and hustling! such packed city streets…….

goose feet and entrepreneurship

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hong kong / asia / china – I have never been surrounded by such hard working, ambitious entrepreneurs ever in my life! It is like a kid in a candy store…so many people to talk about – FROM ALL OVER the world….south america, dubai, canada, australia, india, pakistan, china, phillipines…its amazing – maybe its just this sourcing fair that is …

first day in hong kong

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arrived late last night – to start it off1) my friends weren’t expecting me for another day…took a couple calls from a payphone to reach their mobile!2) airport lost 1 of my bags.3) sat in the middle seat next to a window seat guy that had bladder problems (or something that kept him hitting the bathroom…)…on a 15 hour flight …

final boarding call for flight 99 from newark to hong kong…

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hustler trying to make us a millionaire usin his craps method….and a pic from “The Pool” bar in Harrah’s casino last night blog entry – wed oct 10, 2007 currently in newark airport sitting on the floor to get a freakin’ power outlet… think by now these airports would realize 2 outlets per terminal ain’t gonna cut it…maybe there’s a …

Checked my Mail in Florida

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was just in Florida this past week – saw the parents and grandma, uncle – missed the rain storms just barely! but on my trip to Florida checked my piles of mail! Had a birthday card waiting for me (btw – my birthday is in April!) and there was the birthday horoscope. reading that BLEW my mind……seems to hit it …