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how does everything get done?

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Walking around NYC a lot lately…you seen tons of work getting done…garbage pickup, sewage cleanup, traffic duty, construction…. boggles my mind that all of this works…that people come to their job, do their duty, and are happy with their paycheck every 2 weeks…. guess that is what we are all programmed to do – out of work? get a job, …

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Rate cut – time to make some bigger bets

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Well, Fed lowered their rate today 5.25 to 4.75 – nice lil rally in the stock market….also means my money market rate is going to start moving downwards…which implies I need to start betting some more money on myself and my ventures! == Yahoo Finance Excerpt == The Fed lowered the benchmark fed funds rate to 4.75 percent after keeping …

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everyone loves photos – some to note

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currently on my laptop in a hotel lobby in syracuse – been trecking through upstate NY like a crazed maniac, no couch is safe! let me post some images from the past couple weeks. awesome Ruben I ate for lunch today in Syracuse – Andrew! Joe’s bar – Dapp’s – albany, ny – Pizza time! Magoo climbing his first cell …

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lost my last entry – redo!

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wrote my last entry from my cell phone saturday morning…unfortunately didn’t work. since last posting spent some time at magoo’s house – sheetrocking cementing nail pulling out of old boards – firewood – most of this was all him – but i did aid in emotional value support…. looking into trademarking , patenting, and other fun professional stuff just hustling …

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strange things….oh those strange things

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funny reading this email I received and thinking about how much life has drastically changes in the past 6 months…alas – here’s a very interesting forward that contains many cocktail party conversation starters.. —–In the 1400’s a law was set forth that a man was not allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence …

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good to be back in Connecticut

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so the past days I’ve been living out of my luggage….interesting part is that my last few days in San Diego involved many comings and goings of friends on the east and west coast! most likely the labor day weekend, some girlfriend/boyfriend breakups, and simply the end of summer vacations caused the unexpected spurt of visitations at Piotr’s. after surviving …