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lots of seminars….lots of coffee

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lots and lots of coffee – the past week and change I’ve been attending all kinds of seminars on international business….legal stuff…..import and export….counseling….its just insane…but I’m trying to take in as much as I can…feel like this isn’t school, this is learning how to make it in the international business arena.

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Credit Market Mania affecting my businesses

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hmmm… So I’m thinking about a company actually coming up w/ the money for these large deal I’m brokering…..obviously the credit markets is out of control…but I didn’t put two and two together until our today. But these transactions, if financed, are asset backed on inventory goods, so that has to be a safer loan than others, and hopefully these …

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my current life according to Andrew Moran

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Yes…so in our daily email web back and forth – he reacted to my next few month’s itinerary as: “ Andrew Moran to me show details 8:06 pm (3½ hours ago) you are a wise and noble traveler. your like an alcoholic Kane roaming the earth in search of debachery, profit and kicking magoo’s ass. The nobelest of callings… HEY …

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the rapid development of

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this past week has developed like crazy…. between my quotes from IT development – finding and agreeing on a front end UI / graphic design – and firming up specs, uses, scope, and competitive analysis… just need to decide when I stop holding back from debuting it and marketing it and selling it….