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never stop trying new things, and renewing old

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so this weekend was a rather relaxing weekend, local weekend beach bum, bbq, and movie night! I drove standard / stick shift last night – haven’t done that since summer 2003 (re: usa roadtrip w/ Scott) and I picked it up rather quickly…..guess its like a bike, once you learn you don’t really forget. First attempt at surfing! – so …

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networking….networking…and more networking

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you’ve heard it all your life, and its soo true….and the value is not just having a network, but having a network that is aware of what you’re doing, and that would recommend you to someone they know… I feel like i’ve been jumping from vine to vine lately – like tarzan of the jungle in the networking world…meet one …

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new month – time to reflect and refocus

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about to begin my 3rd month as a full time entrepreneur – and I fully say I do not regret making this decision – while I do not exactly know how things will pan out – it feels refreshing to know I have done this and have learned tons so far! Beginning a new month – especially as an entrepreneur …