on the surfliner train to Los Angeles

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heading over to Los Angeles for a 3 day weekend – nope, no holiday tomorrow, just thought i’d take the afternoon train. have a meeting with a biz buddy tonight, grab some food and drinks – talk about Beijing – tomorrow luncheon, some crazy stuff, saturday a bar hop w/ my buddy Scott Schwartz and his sister so yea, i’m …

yea yea, i know its been a while!

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ok, so now that I know ppl are actually reading this damn blog, maybe i’ll come back now and post some shiznit… well its been insanely busy, which I can definitely say is a good thing….the biggest problem is there is a lot of inquiries for my new business…but not many of them are serious, or are just using my …

Feel like i’m working harder now more then ever!

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For those of you actually following this blog for its main purpose, displaying a person’s progress from quitting corporate america and working solo…then this should be a post of value to you!! I imagine the majority of people out there, from those that I’ve spoken to anyway, dream of working for themselves….down with the man, let me work for myself …

Still Ringing the Bell

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Still keeping this bell nearby – ringing it every once in a while to keep me hustling!! And nowadays my life only requires 1 key…to the apartment…no mail key, no car key (returned the rentacar last night) and ya, that’s that!

pics from the weekend – tequila party – beach bums

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first weekend here in san diego – random camera phone pics i took – mostly around the beaches – ocean beach, mission beach / pacific beach….. didn’t get too much work done though – did do a decent amount of reading on google adwords, tweaking that up, as well as the financials….budgeting, and setting up the “home office” Piotr (peter) …

Things are coming together….

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tomorrow will mark 1 week since landing here in sunny san diego….was a bit rough getting settled in, but my confidence that this is all gonna work has gone through the roof. Working out a budget, looking at the sites / ventures going in the right direction….living conditions doable – not much getting in the way…. here’s a pic last …

chillin in OB

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spent the day doing more research and design got google adwords running. took some customer calls at the coffee shop u know normal day in san diego

more fish tacos tonight!

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man, I can’t get enough of em haha – after a long afternoon of VOIP call routing, talking to accountants, following up on a lead or two, met up with some San Dieogians and chowed on some fish tacos. Was thinking of hitting up the “House of Blues” to see my lady Britney Spears, but alas, had nobody to go …

first day in cali – checklist

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woke up on the couch about 5:30am local time, adjusting to time change…. Piotr drove me to the rent-a-car place before he went to work…..his hookup got me a car, 7 days, for 192 after insurance and taxes. next on the list – coffee/breakfastsee accountant, at 9:30am haircut follow up with a lot of calls – this VOIP setup gig …