wow I have a lotta stuff!

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Looking over my pile of luggage…amazing how much stuff accumulates . memories of a lot of good times here in the city – realizing just how much I’ve been through, experiences – but enough of that…I gotta get packing – throwing out soo much stuff right now …….

Yesterday was the last day

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Man, can’t believe its over – I had better never, ever go back to working for the man……gonna miss the crew at deutsche bank – good people….good times last night was the last hurah! hit up klarney rose irish pub – upon entering order a yard stick of stella….ended up chugging that one, maybe one or two more, enticed to …

doggie hangin at the bar

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right now 3am att lucky jacks girls from va beach rock on hard so this pic here taken at 87 ludlow bar the DJs doggie awesome

i can feel it getting closer!

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its getting closer and closer – hey no turning back, not like i would anyway – but the past couple of days i’m starting to realize the implications of what i’m doing… no more paycheck automatically posting to my checking account every 2 weeks – yea that one is gonna be the hardest hit……… but at the same time, no …

nyc under water

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been raining since saturday and here is a pic of justins neighborhood in hoboken under freakin water

can feel it getting closer………

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yea so like 2 and a half weeks to go before the last day of corporate america……. feels weird- like this limbo transition where i just want to get on with it already!! will miss some of it – but NYC is not what its cracked up to be for me! san diego – Holly left a message last night …

happy easter – reading a book ” sales prospecting for dummies”

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my buddy red left this book on the couch for me before went home to CT for the weekend – “sales prospecting for dummies” true, i’m gonna need it! decided to stick in NYC this weekend, lay low and read, researching sales CRM systems, lil bit of drinking last night….. but today i wanna sip some coffee, read, my drive …