Update on Business Direction & Life

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 20 2011 | Comments (9)

I always like Sunday to be the day I reflect and if I had my way I would not have any meetings or work scheduled…just to catch up on errands, clean up the “house” (where I am), reflect on the last week, and think about the upcoming week and get prepared to do the best […]

Ipad 2 Mania! Buy in USA – Sell in China?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 15 2011 | Comments (11)

I have been chatting on twitter about the ipad 2 mania. Seriously, even apple is amazed as sales are a million sold in the first weekend. I’m sure iphone factories in Shenzhen are busier then ever, putting extra pressure and overtime work on factory workers. Lets just hope we don’t hear news about factory suicides […]

Putting Your REAL NAME on the internet, being YOU!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 09 2011 | Comments (12)

Social media has changed the internet, or “web 2.0″. I think the original web 1.0 was more just websites posting news and it hard for the general public to interact. Now, anyone with an internet connection can create a facebook account, twitter account, or whatever, and say how they feel to the world. Its going […]

Studying How to Import Products Into China

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 18 2011 | Comments (28)

Monday morning here in factory land Dongguan, China! I went over the process of importing into China via Hong Kong this past saturday at the Sheznhen ecommerce meeting, and because so many people were interested in it, I thought I would blog about it as well. Really, its because I’m involved in it, but all […]

Groupon Coming Fast Into the Chinese Market, will it succeed?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 17 2011 | Comments (2)

Yet another foreigner coming to China to make quick money in the biggest population internet users! To give you readers the background story, I think many of us in the internet world hear about Google trying to buy Groupon last month for like 6 billion US dollars (I’m too lazy to find PR links), only […]

Are Social Media People Just a Bunch of Nerds?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Dec 30 2010 | Comments (5)

As I dive deeper and deeper into the developing industry of social media….I can’t help but classify the typical social media poweruser. Sure the majority of the global population now has in some way become involved with social media (mindblowing numbers thrown around on the web in 2010), but when I saw power users, I […]

Searching For Products to Import & Sell In China

Posted by Michael Michelini | Dec 30 2010 | Comments (10)

Its always been in the back of my mind since coming to China in the end of 2007…but now more then ever – WHAT PRODUCTS CAN I BRING INTO & SELL IN THE CHINESE MARKET! I have talked about local sales tactics in China and gotten some experience selling Chinese bar products , but had […]

I have to learn to Master the Chinese language!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Dec 09 2010 | Comments (10)

Damnnit Americans, why aren’t you learning Chinese? My friend Abiy just sent me this newsweek article Americans still aren’t studying Chinese in school? I like this paragraph in the middle of the article: But the sad fact is that Americans are not learning Mandarin, the main tongue spoken in mainland China, in droves. Just take […]

After USA Trip, Made New Business, Maybe Lost Some Old Friends

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 17 2010 | Comments (8)

Been almost a week now since leaving America, and I can’t help but feel I have: a) Increased my business contacts and leads exponentially – between the networking events, face time with people I have been working with, and over all hustling around the USA in 2 months, I have built up a new long […]

Integrating Personal Life and Business Life

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 24 2010 | Comments (4)

I remember trying to separate personal and business. Trying to have the corporate name and websites be different from my personal name. There were a few reasons for it: 1) Too young – maybe I would be perceived as too young to own and operate a business, and if a potential customer saw that I […]

Weekend in Hoboken, New Jersey

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 20 2010 | Comments (2)

After the wedding Friday night in Chinatown, came over to Hoboken, new jersey to spend some time with friends and see my university, Stevens Institute of Technology. Because everyone keeps asking me when I can meet them, I quickly setup a facebook event for Saturday – I didn’t have time to call people and invite […]

The New York Hustle – Memory Lane

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 17 2010 | Comments (4)

Doesnt feel like its been 2 and a half years since ive been here…..spending the past couple days here it feels like i just left yesterday…… Since i am jet lagged (strange because im used to switching from day to night shift so often) i have been waking up early around 630am and not able […]

Buy, Sell, Wheel, Deal, Hustle. Becoming a new-age social media salesman

Posted by Michael Michelini | Aug 26 2010 | Comments (4)

I have always loved the hustle. That’s what attracted me to Wall Street, to New York. To China. to wholesale markets. Life is going faster then ever….I’m running between 4 or 5 countries in a couple months. Have alliances, offices throughout China (shanghai, fujian, shenzhen), Philippines, USA. I’m getting phone calls from India, speaking bad […]

Dealing with Negative People, Negative Energy

Posted by Michael Michelini | Aug 03 2010 | Comments (11)

My whole life, I have had different forms of negative people and negative energy around me, I think we all have. I am going to go through a few I can remember 1) Freshman year of high school – running for class president – As in previous posts, I reluctantly went to a small catholic […]

Time to Add A Bit “Commercial” to my blog

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jul 31 2010 | Comments (3)

I’ve always hesitated to do too much self promotion on my personal blog….but recently after so many people seem to be confused on what I do for a living, and the recent EXPLOSION of “personal branding” and the convergence of personal lives and professional lives, I decided to add some small banner ads on the […]

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