Crossroads of Culture – American Superbowl + Chinese Lantern Festival!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 06 2012 | Comments (5)

What a way to start a week! Being an American living in China, I’m lucky I never was a big sports fan….with the timezone difference, evening games in the USA are bright and early in the morning here in China! I have been here for a few years, and never wake up for a sports […]

Chinese Sign – Empty Talks Damages a Country’s Reputation

Posted by Michael Michelini | Dec 11 2011 | Comments (4)

I have seen this sign, in the same location here in Shekou district of Shenzhen since I first moved here in 2007. I remember it used to have the English translation underneath it, and that is what inspired me to take a photo of it and discuss today. I wonder why they removed the English […]

Chinese Relationship Building Weekend, Waterpark + Hiking

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 17 2011 | Comments (0)

Typing this sunday afternoon, waiting for the bus from dongguan to shenzhen….what a long and perspective-building weekend! Started on Friday night, rushing to catch last bus to da lang district of dongguan from Longgan district of Shenzhen. Been getting better at traveling in China alone, but when I’m in these massive bus terminal networks it […]

Latest on the Philippines Drama…

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 16 2011 | Comments (2)

As a followup to the post opening up about staff problem in the Philippines where it was rumored a staff, the scholar, was hiding her pregnancy from us….and she has been missing a few weeks now, and while there aren’t any comments on the post, I received a lot of private feedback from business associates, […]

Making the Best From a Lose-Lose Situation.

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 09 2011 | Comments (2)

Been holding back on this blog post, but seems now is the time to really “let it out” and tell everyone this one burning issue I’ve had the past couple weeks, as I felt the world falling down on top of me….my customer service trusted

Mixing Together Chinese + Filipino Staff, Cultural Differences Highlighted

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 07 2011 | Comments (0)

Today had lunch at Marie’s house, saw her baby Carlos, met her auntie Malou (he first time to China, normally I meet her in Manila!) and also had Amy join us (Amy is my Chinese assistant). So it would be a time to see Carlos again, now at day 9, before seeing her at “day […]

Single Moms In The Philippines

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jul 02 2011 | Comments (23)

As I bounce around Philippines, Hong Kong, and China, I so constantly run into single Filipino mothers working to support their children and family. I think its the biggest problem in the Philippines, and its a deep rooted problem that I wonder if I am even qualified enough to blog about…I will try my best […]

Chinese Often Want to Escape China + Study Overseas

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jun 09 2011 | Comments (0)

Yes, maybe a bit drastic heading, but so many times I meet Chinese that are desperate to study overseas. Similar to buying foreign products….Chinese seem to trust products not made in their own country more than their own domestic products. And its almost funny, because Americans and foreigners are buying up all the “Made In […]

Witnessing a Friend Having a Baby in Hong Kong

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jun 07 2011 | Comments (1)

Yesterday spent the afternoon with Leon picking up his newborn baby, Emma K, in St. Teresa’s Hospital 聖德肋撒醫院 Hong Kong. Also to note, he is an Australian citizen, and his wife is Japanese, not holding a Hong Kong ID or passport. I’ve been learning about the process alongside him the past few months here in […]

Blog Like No One Is Watching

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jun 04 2011 | Comments (7)

I have been behind on my blogging. A bit discouraged, in a transitional state of business and life. To top that off, overwhelmingly getting people and articles telling me to focus and that this blogging is sucking up too much time and not worth the effort. But I enjoy to blog, so who cares what […]

But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 29 2011 | Comments (2)

I talk a lot, I am open about my life and let others give input to help me make decisions, and the blog title today “But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese” comes from a recent meeting with my friend, who i will hold back on revealing their identity. And […]

Example Of How China Market Is Its Own Market…

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 13 2011 | Comments (8)

Spent a nice evening in Shenzhen with the local crew, discussing internet, mobile phones, china business… you know, normal geeky stuff. Vlad had this hilarious phone, by Lenovo, he bought in China wal mart – and he described a bunch of the features….let me explain the different features to highlight, and reflect on these points […]

Happy Mothers Day! Miss Mom and Nana!

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 08 2011 | Comments (4)

You know whats the hardest things you sacrifice when doing business overseas? Some may think the hardest things about doing business overseas would be language, culture shock, risks of not knowing people as well as your hometown / country…..nope, by far its the separation from your family, especially your mom and dad. The connection you […]

Do Tech CEOs Need To Be %@#$@^& to Succeed?

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 03 2011 | Comments (4)

Again, unfortunately, I’m reading more news supporting the fact that “nice guys finish last”. This article I read, Why Are Tech Founders Such Assholes?, points out the negative things famous and successful businessmen have done in their career to get ahead. Sure, you can spin things in different ways, and life is always about perspective. […]

Spending More Time on my Chinese Blog, mailini

Posted by Michael Michelini | Apr 30 2011 | Comments (2)

I should cross promote the two blogs more, not sure if people even realize i have this blog translated to chinese. When I first came to China at the end of 2007 my good friend, Gao Xing, gave me my chinese name, mai li ni , which is a best effort to convert my family […]

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