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The Full Chinese Family Here

Happy Sunday morning! Sneaking some time away from family this morning to update about the newest addition to my home here in Shenzhen – my mother in law moved in last Sunday. She came down from Shenyang and we have been discussing this for months. After Miles was born, a lot of the family went back to hometown, leaving my father in law, Miles, Wendy, and I at home here in Shenzhen. It has been a lot of work for Mr Wang (my father in law) to stay at home since Wendy went back to work in April and I’m … Continue reading The Full Chinese Family Here

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Reliving My Old Childhood as I Raise My Kid

Writing this up on a Sunday morning, trying to write every morning and on Sundays I want to keep it a bit lighter – as I’m normally writing about business and I don’t want to get so dry. This is also “raw” and unedited on the blog here. Being a new father has been quite the journey – really way cooler than I expected, and one of the biggest benefits is I get to re-live my childhood memories though Miles (my son). Reading Different Dr Suess Books Each Morning My parents and sister mailed us a ton of different Dr … Continue reading Reliving My Old Childhood as I Raise My Kid

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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep (or Goat)

Just a quick “Happy Chinese New Year” from me and the family here in Shenzhen. Stayed local and just got work, sleep, and family time in. Last week was the official holiday week, and there are a couple more days with the “government official holiday” ending on the 24th – but most people still won’t be back in the office until March. It is always a bit, strange, feeling as a Westerner in China during the New Year. And it was a late Chinese New Year compared to the Solar New Year (Jan 1) with almost 2 months in between. … Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep (or Goat)

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Crossroads of Culture – American Superbowl + Chinese Lantern Festival!

What a way to start a week! Being an American living in China, I’m lucky I never was a big sports fan….with the timezone difference, evening games in the USA are bright and early in the morning here in China! I have been here for a few years, and never wake up for a sports game…even prior Superbowls. But this year seemed to be the right time for me to go, being an NY / CT hometown guy, two teams NY Giants vs New England Patriots is a perfect match (Go Giants!) and a few of my friends in Shenzhen … Continue reading Crossroads of Culture – American Superbowl + Chinese Lantern Festival!

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Chinese Sign – Empty Talks Damages a Country’s Reputation

I have seen this sign, in the same location here in Shekou district of Shenzhen since I first moved here in 2007. I remember it used to have the English translation underneath it, and that is what inspired me to take a photo of it and discuss today. I wonder why they removed the English translation from underneath the billboard? In English, it roughly means – Empty talks would lead the country astray, and hard work can rejuvenate the nation, stop impractical arguments. When I read it the first time (from the billboard) I interpreted it as meaning “don’t say … Continue reading Chinese Sign – Empty Talks Damages a Country’s Reputation

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Chinese Relationship Building Weekend, Waterpark + Hiking

Typing this sunday afternoon, waiting for the bus from dongguan to shenzhen….what a long and perspective-building weekend! Started on Friday night, rushing to catch last bus to da lang district of dongguan from Longgan district of Shenzhen. Been getting better at traveling in China alone, but when I’m in these massive bus terminal networks it gets overwhelming. Luckily I figured it out at 7:15pm and got the last 7:30pm bus to dalang station. My friend, David Zhang, from geekcook was making sure I was ok with regular phone calls and text messages along my travels. After about an hour bus … Continue reading Chinese Relationship Building Weekend, Waterpark + Hiking

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Latest on the Philippines Drama…

As a followup to the post opening up about staff problem in the Philippines where it was rumored a staff, the scholar, was hiding her pregnancy from us….and she has been missing a few weeks now, and while there aren’t any comments on the post, I received a lot of private feedback from business associates, other staff, friends, and mentors. Since they didn’t publicly post their views, I will place it here to give various Against Keeping Her Keep personal and business separate – you are not a non-profit, you’re a business, and your business goal is to make money. … Continue reading Latest on the Philippines Drama…

Making the Best From a Lose-Lose Situation.

Been holding back on this blog post, but seems now is the time to really “let it out” and tell everyone this one burning issue I’ve had the past couple weeks, as I felt the world falling down on top of me….my customer service trusted

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Mixing Together Chinese + Filipino Staff, Cultural Differences Highlighted

Today had lunch at Marie’s house, saw her baby Carlos, met her auntie Malou (he first time to China, normally I meet her in Manila!) and also had Amy join us (Amy is my Chinese assistant). So it would be a time to see Carlos again, now at day 9, before seeing her at “day 0” and day 1 of Carlos’s life….he is to be celebrated…and no, he is not my baby, I am happy to be the “uncle” by far! Crazy “uncle Mike”. During lunch I brought up differences between Chinese work ethic and computer skills to Filipinos…. Auntie … Continue reading Mixing Together Chinese + Filipino Staff, Cultural Differences Highlighted

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Single Moms In The Philippines

As I bounce around Philippines, Hong Kong, and China, I so constantly run into single Filipino mothers working to support their children and family. I think its the biggest problem in the Philippines, and its a deep rooted problem that I wonder if I am even qualified enough to blog about…I will try my best to explain my perspective. During my last two weeks back, being a social guy, I strike up conversations all over the place….and many of them are single Filipino mothers. I am so curious how this happens, and I am getting more and more bold to … Continue reading Single Moms In The Philippines

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Chinese Often Want to Escape China + Study Overseas

Yes, maybe a bit drastic heading, but so many times I meet Chinese that are desperate to study overseas. Similar to buying foreign products….Chinese seem to trust products not made in their own country more than their own domestic products. And its almost funny, because Americans and foreigners are buying up all the “Made In China” products, while Chinese themselves prefer to buy products made outside their country. But in a way, everyone wants to buy “exclusive” products, imported good are always more sexy. So back to foreign education….many of my friends in China have spent time overseas for the … Continue reading Chinese Often Want to Escape China + Study Overseas

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Witnessing a Friend Having a Baby in Hong Kong

Yesterday spent the afternoon with Leon picking up his newborn baby, Emma K, in St. Teresa’s Hospital 聖德肋撒醫院 Hong Kong. Also to note, he is an Australian citizen, and his wife is Japanese, not holding a Hong Kong ID or passport. I’ve been learning about the process alongside him the past few months here in Hong Kong, and I thought it would be interesting to blog about the process in Hong Kong. Which hospital? Seems this St Theresa is a great one, at least for foreigners. It has a catholic feeling, a bit strange for me in Hong Kong / … Continue reading Witnessing a Friend Having a Baby in Hong Kong

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Blog Like No One Is Watching

I have been behind on my blogging. A bit discouraged, in a transitional state of business and life. To top that off, overwhelmingly getting people and articles telling me to focus and that this blogging is sucking up too much time and not worth the effort. But I enjoy to blog, so who cares what others may think. Maybe its the weather changing, but I have been “perma-sick” for the past two weeks, congestion, headaches, body aches, cough. I finally took a day off this Saturday and SLEPT!….much needed day of doing nothing. While waking up and falling back asleep…..I … Continue reading Blog Like No One Is Watching

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But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese

I talk a lot, I am open about my life and let others give input to help me make decisions, and the blog title today “But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese” comes from a recent meeting with my friend, who i will hold back on revealing their identity. And yes, living in China (Asia) has changed my mindset about logic, reality…the reason of life. And I think its true, the longer you are out here, the more disconnected with “home” you get. I was not born chinese, sure –> that is a true statement. … Continue reading But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese

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Example Of How China Market Is Its Own Market…

Spent a nice evening in Shenzhen with the local crew, discussing internet, mobile phones, china business… you know, normal geeky stuff. Vlad had this hilarious phone, by Lenovo, he bought in China wal mart – and he described a bunch of the features….let me explain the different features to highlight, and reflect on these points and explain how this is directly made for the China market. Dual SIM card – this is not so special, but can represent the Hong Kong / Taiwan / South China businessman. Its really annoying to keep flipping SIM cards when you cross borders…and you … Continue reading Example Of How China Market Is Its Own Market…