Rocked Beijing! Startup Weekend Beijing a Fun Success! (with video)

Posted by Michael Michelini | Aug 12 2014 | Comments (2)

Been to 3 startup weekends since my son was born just a couple months ago – and I love the chance to see the energy and passion in each city.  Beijing hasn’t had an official Startup Weekend for a couple years as the organizing team dissolved.  We re-built it a couple months ago and it […]

5 Experiences Living with my Chinese Family in Law

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 01 2014 | Comments (4)

So the Chinese in-laws are here to help. Seems in Chinese culture, that the whole Chinese family works together to support each other. May as well embrace it

Excited for 2012 – Marketing a Chinese Ecommerce Group to the West!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Dec 15 2011 | Comments (1)

2011 was the year “I “returned” to China” after a half year in Philippines and a couple months in USA (almost staying in NYC, USA)….and now I am entering 2012 with some very interesting projects and goals. In 2011, I was doing SEO and ecommerce consulting with Five Islands ecommerce center going between Dongguan, Hong […]

On My Way To ChengDu, China for Ecommerce Meeting

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jul 29 2011 | Comments (0)

Just when I thought I would lower my travel and stay in one place, I book my USA ticket, and take this last minute trip to ChengDu city in China. I am taking this trip because of business! For the further developments and networking and research for Chinese ecommerce and “CBT” (cross border trade). I […]

As I Move Out of Hong Kong – I Reflect on the Last 6 Months

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jul 12 2011 | Comments (4)

Wow, time flies, hard to believe I had moved to Hong Kong, really REALLY small place…but hey, its the opportunity to try life in the fast lane, in the “NYC of Asia” (my opinion from what I’ve seen). And now the 6 month lease is up, and seems like life is so much different then […]

Example Of How China Market Is Its Own Market…

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 13 2011 | Comments (8)

Spent a nice evening in Shenzhen with the local crew, discussing internet, mobile phones, china business… you know, normal geeky stuff. Vlad had this hilarious phone, by Lenovo, he bought in China wal mart – and he described a bunch of the features….let me explain the different features to highlight, and reflect on these points […]

Settling in China / Asia the Next 5,10 years, or more?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 30 2011 | Comments (7)

I think I am getting a bit more settled on the fact / idea / reality that I will be remaining in China (or at least Asia) for the next 5 years. That is an important step for my own mind…balance, and business goals. But it took me a long time to accept. Since coming […]

Roadtrip – Dongguan, China to Xiamen SEO event

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 24 2011 | Comments (0)

This will be my 3rd time at the Xiamen SEO event, in the 2010 China internet fair I spoke about helping China manufacturers export using the internet and in 2010 (SMX China sponsored) I was able to talk about keyword research, this year I’ll be blabbing about English social media (Facebook, twitter optimization), decided to […]

Bridging Between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 14 2011 | Comments (7)

I remember my first trip to Hong Kong, in October 2007. I had come to go to the globalsources trade show, see products, meet people I had been chatting to online for years, and see whats its like to do business in China. I was amazed at the city….more advanced then New York….and just as […]

Where to base operations under today’s economic conditions?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 23 2010 | Comments (16)

So, its quite obvious I’ve been exploring where to base myself this year of 2010, and while many are jealous I am so free and have so many choices to make freely, it is kind of mind boggling. In the past for some reason, my location has always seemed obvious….I was born in Connecticut, USA […]

Back in China, Back Behind the GREAT FIREWALL

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 13 2010 | Comments (0)

Been back in China a little over a day now….catching up with jetlag and all this travel. California really wore me out…up and down the coast of Southern Cali. But really….it feels good to be back in China, seeing friends and businesses. Shenzhen is a cool city, I do see opportunity here….but really, I just […]

As Chinese New Years Approaches – Danger Lingers

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 28 2010 | Comments (4)

As the lunar calendar draws to a close, so many more unfortunate Chinese people are desparate to return to their hometowns. They did not earn enough money the previous year, or save enough, to make it home to see their family and loved ones….. So, some push too hard, they do whatever it takes to […]

Beijing business development trip

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 20 2009 | Comments (3)

been exactly 2 years since my first and only trip to beijing. not sure how it always ends up that i come here in the winter….for those not familiar with the location of various cities of china- i live in southern china (guangdong province, city of shenzhen) which is right across from hong kong. for […]

Crazy Guangzhou City – America is so far away!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Oct 26 2009 | Comments (4)

The longer i am outside of the united states, the more i wake up and realize how easy life was there. Sad part is, i didnt know it until i left, and i dont think most of my friends and associates still there realize it now! For example, today i traveled back to shenzhen city […]

Recent Travels – Nanjing, Ningbo, Xiamen

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 25 2009 | Comments (2)

The past few weeks i have been pretty busy flying to various cities, and many people have been asking me to give some stories and explain what the heck i am up to! So, while those who follow me on twitter (follow me – @michelini ) should have a better understanding, let me use this […]

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